Daion γ
Composition Unknown
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Masio Oide
Daion γ is a part of the Mazinger Army that appeared in Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness where it appeared in China to fight against the Mycenae Empire.


Daion resembles its original counterpart from the Mazinger Z manga but has lighter coloring.

Abilites & EquipmentEdit

Daion is able to levitate and fly in the air with its two high power thrusters on the legs. The way it perform Breast Fire is different than before now that it can lift up the red area on its chest to reveal four heat sinks to release an enhanced Breast Fire than the compartment door from the original manga.


Daion γ battled Warrior Beasts around the Great Wall of China. It repel the invaders so long that one of it heatsinks broke down. The next time Daion appears is when it was challenged by General Draydou who defeated it breathe fire on the down Daion destroying both Daion and its pilot.

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