Daion γ 3
Daion γ 3 on the left.
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Masao Oide

The upgraded form of Daion γ (Gamma) from the manga of Mazinkaiser. Part of the Mazinger Army. It is piloted by Masao Oide.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

The last & most Mazinger Like of the Mazinger Army. Now Daion has a more muscular build than before with the pec area that can flap up revealing heatsinks to perform the Breast Fire. The face has a grill like structure like Mazinger Z & Great but was not built to perform Rust Hurricane. It has a scrander that allows it to fly and slice through foes. The pilot Masao is locaded in the orb on the chest.


After the first defeat Daion γ was rebuilt & upgraded to 3. Is was launch to assist Koji against the battalion of Gools & Mechanical Beasts. When it land on a Gool about to use Breast Fire it was ambushed by a Mechanical Beast from behind. It begin to fall off until Million α 1 & Baion B 2 manage to catch it and carry off to safety. Before doing so the three were blasted by Gools until Koji receive his new upgrade, the Kaiser Scrander. With it he floar to the skies slicing every Gool in sight. When Baron Ashura's Gool caught the Mazinkaiser as it was falling the Mazinger Army tried to blast it before hitting the Photon lab but they slap out. After the destruction of the Lab a new beast rise out the destruction. The Mecha Beast Gool fights whats left of the Mazinger forces slaping Baion & co. out of the way. When Gool was about to crush Sayaka's Venus A Koji reawakens and summon his new attack, the Final Kaiser Blade. It launch through the roof of Gool's to reach Venus A hands to proceed to destroy MB Gool. Turns out all personal from the Photon Lab evacuate to a underground bunker underneath the lab. It was once again rebuilt & relaunch to the final battle against Dr Hell's Island. All three Mazinger Army survive & celebrated with the new victory.


  • The upgraded modifications of the Mazinger Army are used again in Shin Mazinger. While Million & Baion using the same appearance, Daion 3 was heavily alter to now have a more cylinder shape like its predecessor.

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