Defense Minister Dantus
Kanji Unknown
Kana ダントス
Gender Male
Age (Adult)
Robot Dantus' Unnamed Fortress
King Gori
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Kenichi Ogata
First Appearance Grendizer Episode 51

Defense Minister Dantus was a Vegan commander appointed to destroy Grendizer using King Gori after inventing the Vega Beasts in episode 52.

Appearance Edit

Dantus has dark gray skin, eyes with yellow sclera, long ears, sharp canines, and what appears to be an eagle-like head on his right shoulder. He wears a black and red helmet and a red and blue skin tight suit with black outlines.

Personality Edit

Dantus was loyal to the Vegan Empire, proposing that the Vega Beasts should be used to destroy Grendizer and that they should evacuate Planet Vega. He is very consistent in battle, becoming angry if something doesn't go to plan.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Dantus has very good piloting skills, being able to pilot a small fortress alone. For equipment he uses a small watch with voice-command circuits to control King Gori.

History Edit

Dantus first appears in episode 51, showing King Vega that Vegatron mines started exploding and putting the planet at risk of being destroyed. In episode 52, he makes various Vega Beasts but only King Gori is sent to Earth. Afterwards, Dantus escapes along with King Vega and his army in the King of Vega, leaving the remaining Vegans to perish in the explosion of Planet Vega. In episode 53, he parks his fortress so that he could control King Gori. However, the Mothership controlled had lured the Marine and Drill Spazer to Dantus, almost destroying him along his fortress. Gandal and Zuril come and stab him to ensure their positions before running away and destroying the voice-command watch for King Gori, with Dantus burning up in flames.

Gallery Edit

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