Dantus' Unnamed Fortress
Don't want another JFK
Composition Vegatron
Power Source Vegatron radiation
Pilot Dantus
Dimensions 30 mt circumference
Performance Mach 4
Notable moves Electricity from holes along the edge

Dantus' Unnamed Fortress was a UFO fortress used by Dantus in episode 53 of the Grendizer Anime.

Appearance Edit

The fortress was a relatively small UFO comparable in size to the MiniFOs with a mostly light green color scheme with holes along the edge. It featured dark blue braces, an orange inner padding, and the center of the craft had an uplifted face.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

The fortress was capable of space travel and flight. It could fire electric arcs through the holes along the edge.

History Edit

The fortress was sent along with Mothership from Skull Moon to Earth. In battle, the Mothership lured the Marine and Drill Spazer toward the parked fortress causing the Spazers to switch targets, severely damaging Dantus' Fortress. Gandal and Zuril had killed Dantus to ensure their positions before he is left to burn up along with his fortress.

Gallery Edit

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