Deathtokiller G7
Qmazinger z 04 0049
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited A

Deathtokiller G7 was a small human sized Mechanical Beast from the Mazinger TV Comic.


Deathtokiller G7 was a small human sized Mechanical Beast with small machine guns in place of hands.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

It could fire bullets from the machine guns on its arms and could jump great distances into the air.


It is sent alongside the Fubuking S1 by Count Broken to kill Koji Kabuto and the rest of the Photon Power Labrotory satff in deep snow. When Koji gets into the Pilder and attempts to connect with the Mazinger, Deathtokiller G7 leaps up and attempts to kill him however Boss Bororot destroys it before it can hurt Koji.

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