Decisive Battle! The Great Sea Monster (Part 3)
Kanji 決定的な戦い !偉大な海の怪物 (その 3)
Romaji name Ketteiteki na Seni! Idai na Umi no Kaibutsu (Sono 3)
Volume 4
Chapter 27
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Decisive Battle! The Great Sea Monster (Part 2) O Bell of Peace, Resound Above the Angels' Heads!
Decisive Battle! The Great Sea Monster (Part 3) is the twenty-seventh chapter of Mazinger Angels and third part of the Final Battle Arc.

Summary Edit

Dr. Hell taunts the MA with the Dragonsaurus' approach from his Hell Castle. Maria deploys with Proto-Minerva as Minerva X is still damaged while Jun and Hikaru go to fight the Dragonsaurus. Sayaka is called back for repairs after the high damage Aphrodite A suffered. At Hell Castle, Dr. Hell uses the opportunity to launch the Hell King Gordon in an attempt to conquer Japan.

At Satamisaki, Kagoshima Prefecture, the Dragonsaurus approaches but Venus A and Proto-Minerva catch up from the air. In the ocean, Hikaru and Diana A see the main body of the Dragonsaurus from below as it rises to the surface. The attacks of the robots have no effect on the monster. While Aphrodite is being repaired, Hell King Gordon approaches Tokyo. Air force weapons have no effect and with the MA busy with the Dragonsaurus, Dr. Hell taunts them. Nothing the Angels do seem to work, but Sakurako Hono and Fire Venus come in to join the fight against the Gordon. Honey Kisaragi and Cutie Honey also joins the battle. Despite the disadvantage they are in, the other Angels continue to fight the Dragonsaurus but Jun is knocked away.

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