Demon King Hades
Kanji 魔王ハーデース
Kana まおうハーデース
Gender Unknown
Age (Ageless)
Robot None
Affiliation Empire of Dinosaurs
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Unknown
Demon King Hades is the deity of the Empire of Dinosaurs, it served as an opponent for the God Mazinger as it approached the Empire's captial in the manga.


Demon King Hades is a grotesque monster with a serpent-like shape and multiple small tentacles portruding from its body. Its eyes are barely visible and has razor sharp teeth.


Demon King Hades has a vicious nature, attacking its prey ferociously and without warning. It also likes to torture its opponents with mental images.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hades mainly uses its many tentacles to restrain opponents in order to crush or tear them apart. It also possesses psychic abilities that allow it to attack the mind of an opponent by torturing them with images of their worst fears.


As the God Mazinger approached the Empire's capital, Dorado summoned Demon King Hades to combat the God Mazinger. After Dorado's generals lure the God Mazinger into a trap, Hades attacks the God Mazinger. It attacks the physical body of the Mazinger while attacking the mind of Yamato by showing him images that would lower his morale like an image of his childhood friend Kaoru Asahi that blamed him for leaving her behind. Yamato was disheartened but fought back with the God Mazinger's sword, cleaving the evil deity in half.

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