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The Demon Tribe is the antagonistic group from various versions of the Devilman franchise mainly the 1972 TV series. The Demon Tribe was led by Zennon a gigantic demon who wanted to take back the Earth for his kind. However after the titular hero Devilman betrays them, Zennon puts all his efforts into killing Devilman. In the Mazinger franchise, the demons are shown with crossovers with the Devilman character. 

Mazinger Z vs. DevilmanEdit

The demons were originally sealed within the Himalayas until the female demon Sirene struck an alliance with Dr. Hell and used his Mechanical Beasts to free the rest of the demons. Dr. Hell then put the Demon Tribe under his control with microchips. Devilman saw the ordeal and allied himself with the Photon Power Laboratory and the Mazinger Z. Dr. Hell had the demons attack the lab, where Devilman is captured. When he is being tortured, the Mazinger Z comes to the rescue with the Jet Scrander, taking out the demons alongside Devilman.

Named DemonsEdit

Mazinger Z (Ōta)Edit

In a short story based on the original film several demons appear again assisting Dr. Hell in his nefarious schemes.

Mazinger AngelsEdit

In a mini-arc partly based on Mazinger Z vs. Devilman, Dr. Hell once again uncovers the demons and takes control of them by implanting microchips into their brains. He has the demons attack Tokyo while some of the smaller demons kidnap young women including Miki Makimura. As the Angels fight the giant demons, they get some help from Devilman. However, two of their comrades are captured when they were investigating and end up getting trapped along with the rest of the women in Grogos G5. With Devilman restrained and the Angels in a pinch, they decided to ally with each other with Devilman causing a distraction that breaks Hell's control over the demons and the Angels defeat Grogos and rescue the hostages. The demons were later destroyed while some escaped until they were hunted down. 

Named DemonsEdit


  • The Demon Tribe never appears in the manga, while the demons were still the main foes of the books, Nagai thought that the Demon Tribe was to light heart sounding for his story that was far darker than the TV series.

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