Invincible Fortress Demonika
Composition Mystic Alloy
Power Source Geothermal Energy
Pilot Great Marshall of Hell

Seven Generals Marquis Janus

Dimensions Length: 630 meters

Height: 350 meters Weight: 325 tons

Performance Maximum speed: Mach 1.2

Water speed: 36 knots

Invincible Fortress Demonika is a multi-terrain fortress created and named by Great Marshall of Hell as a means to replace the destroyed Mikelos.


Demonika features a similar design to the Gool with its reptilian-like head. It is capable of travel on land, sea, or air, and even dig underground. It is armed with an entire arsenal of missiles that it can launch at once. The mouth opens to launch the Warrior Beasts. It is also highly durable, able to resist the Thunder Break and Breast Fire without so much as a scratch.


After being revived, Dr. Hell personally crafts the Demonika to crush his enemies. It was mainly around to deploy Warrior Beasts and provide additional fire power for the generals. It was destroyed in the final battle by the combined efforts of Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Venus A, and Diana A consuming Hell and Marquis Janus.

Gallery Edit

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