The Mycenae Flagship Demonika is a large flying fortress personally commanded by the Great General of Darkness himself.

Appearance Edit

The Demonika has a redesign having a more sharper appearance than before. Most the paint is colored white while the wings are painted blue. Inside the Demonika is a command center with a throne.

Equipment Edit

The Demonika has cannons mounted at the middle. The mouth can open to spit out giant missiles.

History Edit

The General told the soldiers to fly straight at the Photon Lab to personally see the its destruction. It met up with Mazinkaiser after it destroyed the Warrior Beasts and Generals that were station there. It tried to ram the Mazinkaiser into Mt. Fuji hoping to crush it. But soon the Mazinkaiser activated its Mazin Power to overpower it. Mazinkaiser then used its Kaiser Boomerang to cut the Demonika in half. Before this the General escaped from a saucer on the top to face Mazinkaiser himself.

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