Devil Mazinger
Composition Super Alloy Z (Presumably)
Power Source Photonic Energy Reactor
Pilot Dr. Hell
Devil Mazinger is an improved version of the Mazinger Z made in the the first Mazinkaiser manga by Juzo Kabuto. It is named as such because of how dangerous the mecha was compared to Z and the later Mazinkaiser.


The Devil Mazinger resembles a more menacing version of the Mazinger Z. It features sharp looking armor with blades extending out of the body and heightened shoulders; while the head features a larger mouth grill and spikes that portrude from the mouth grill, the sides of its crown, and the top of its head.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Devil Mazinger bears most of the same weaponry as other models of Mazinger such as the Rocket Punch and Breast Fire. But its power output is much stronger and without means to control it, the Devil Mazinger could level an area in seconds. Two tentacles with drills attach to the ends come from the torso.  It has bat-like wings which could turn into feather like content. The feathers can turn into demons to wrap around the the opponent to a hell like state of mind.


Juzo Kabuto created the Devil Mazinger as a successor to the Mazinger Z. However, the Devil Mazinger's immense power was too much to control so Dr. Kabuto sealed it away. Years later it was found by Dr. Hell, having survived the assault on his island home and used it to exact his revenge on the Photon Power Laboratory. As the Devil Mazinger rampaged, it fought against Z and easily defeated it. However, Koji Kabuto came back with the improved Mazinkaiser leveling the playing field. Near defeat Dr. Hell try to absorb Koji Kabuto & the Mazinkaiser but Koji fought back unleashing the Kaiser Nova ending the threat of Dr. Hell & the Devil Mazinger.

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