Devil Mazinger
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy,

Negative Energy

Pilot Dr. Hell
Devil Mazinger is the transformed state of the original prototype of Mazinger Z after it was integrated with the remains of Dr. Hell. The prototype was sealed away by its creator Juzo Kabuto because of the danger it presented.


In its original form, the prototype Mazinger Z was identical in design to its later model. After Dr. Hell's remains were integrated into it, it gained a much more demonic appearance with parts of the body sporting organic muscle and scaled plating. It has large bat-like wings and a tail that extends from the abdomen. The chest plate features a face where Dr. Hell speaks from.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The original prototype was able to amplify its power output through emotions. However, it tended to overuse more negative emotions like excessive anger or hate which is why Dr. Kabuto had it sealed away.

By the time Dr. Hell fused with it and became the Devil Mazinger, this feature along with Dr. Hell's desire for vengeance and world domination made it a force to be reckoned with, easily destroying the replica Mazinger Z and blowing back the other super robots. It can also absorb energy, whether from attacks or from direct contact with a victim. Only the God Mazinger managed to put up a fight with it with its abilities, skills, and weaponry.


Dr. Hell, remaining only as an eye and brain was given a new body by his revived servant Baron Ashura. Using the hidden Mazinger prototype, Dr. Hell was integrated with the robot and the prototype changed into the Devil Mazinger. Dr. Hell joined Gallahan's army but by the time Dr. Lionel was captured, Devil Mazinger betrayed Gallahan and stole his energy claiming the army as his own. Mazinger and allies fought against this new threat but were easily beaten and the replica Mazinger was destroyed.

As Devil Mazinger continues its rampage, it is challenged by the God Mazinger. The new robot negated it energy amplification but they fought to a standstill. The God Mazinger then struck its sword into the face on its chest, killing Dr. Hell. The Devil Mazinger then exploded after losing power.


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