Whoever acquires this armor is immortal! Like how the devil has invincible power and presence.

–God Kaiser Hell describing Devilman X.

Devilman X
Composition Material of Hell X
Power Source Human Will
Pilot Akira Fudo
Devilman X is a suit designed by God Kaiser Hell after researching Z. Hell created it as a counter to Koji's Z and gave it to his grandson Akira Fudo.


The helmet resembles the head of its namesake with the addition of a X insignia based on a symbol Hell saw at the gates of hell. When fully transformed, Devilman X resembles Z along with the manga design of Devilman.


As MazinSaga was discontinued after the revelation of Devilman X, it's abilities are unknown. However, Hell states that it was destined to fight against Z meaning that its power is on par with Z.


When Count Brocken presented Z to Hell, Hell had researched its unique composition. After Z was recovered, Hell combined the materials used for Z with an exotic matter native to Mars to create Devilman X. Hell gave the armor to his grandson to fight Koji Kabuto and Z.