Diana A
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Sayaka Yumi
Notable moves Scarlet Beam,

Oppai Missile System

Diana A is a feminine robot made to replace the Aphrodite A in the manga by Gosaku Ōta.


Diana A has the same appearance as its counterpart from the anime having a crown the same shape and size as Mazinger Z, a more humanoid face, and a slightly broader figure than Aphrodite.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Diana A has a thicker body of Super Alloy Z than Aphrodite making it more durable and stronger. However, in spite of this it usually took more damage than Mazinger.


  • Scarlet Beam: A beam shot from the Scarlet Mobile that is not very strong and is usually for distractions.
  • Oppai Missile System: A pair of photon missiles shot from the chest area.


Scarlet MobileEdit

A motorcycle that serves as the command center for Diana A that also serves as a method for transportation. To get on the head of the robot, it usually creates a pathway to ride on. Once attached Diana A is able to activate.


Diana A was created to replace the destroyed Aphrodite A. Sayaka used the robot in many battles against the Mechanical Beasts including the final battle against Dr. Hell and the initial fight against the Mycenae Empire. Diana was badly damaged in the Mycenae battle but was repaired and fought in the final battle against the Empire, but was once again too damaged to fight. After this, it was assumed to be out of commission as it was never brought up again.

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