Kanji N/A
Kana ジャンゴ
Gender Male
Age (Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Kurogane House
Family and Relations Tsubasa Nishikiori (Boss)
Voice Actor Yutaka Aoyama
First Appearance Unknown
Django is a member of the Kurogane 5, he is in charge of bringing tourists on the outskirts of Atami to the Kurogane House and recruiting new staff.


Django was originally an outlaw who was seriously wounded in a gun fight, Tsubasa Nishikiori found him and brought him back to life. Afterwards, he is recruited by Tsubasa to work for her, which Django accepts.


Img chara 03 03
Django is a lean man with orange hair and a thin face. He is dressed in a green sombrero with a yellow bottom, a red poncho with blue lines, a long sleeve black shirt, and brown pants. He carries belts of ammunition on his chest. While not often shown, Django has a rather long tongue.


Django is a rather forceful man who gets people around when the need arises, especially when they try to do something out of line like stealing the Hover Pilder to look big. This is shown by how Django licks his gun. But Django has a good heart who is loyal to Tsubasa for bringing him to life and keeps a lookout for people that can help the Kurogane House. 

Abilities and EquipmentEdit


Django is highly proficient with firearms of several varieties from revolvers to rifles, carrying a large assortment wherever he goes. His skills include dual wielding some of these guns and using precision shots in ways that seem impossible. Some of the ammunition he carries ranges from ice rounds that can freeze enemies, chemicals that can melt flesh, and when push comes to shove use the Super Alloy Z bullets that are able to ricochet off of walls and can be used unlimited times as they never seem to deform even on impact. The bullets can even pierce the armor of Mechanical Beasts.

Retrieval Edit

Django is a skilled tracker, able to look for patrons and staff for the Kurogane House. He also possesses some surgical skill, able to remove bullets from people especially the Super Alloy Z bullets he uses.


Django first appeared when Boss tried to steal the Hover Pilder and control the Mazinger Z only to run for it with the approaching Nonakargo H2 and later be stopped by Django. He forces Boss and his gang to help deal with the Mechanical Beast as punishment for trying to steal the robot. He later appears along with the rest of the Kurogane 5 whenever they go out into combat, dying in the battle against the Garadoubla MK01 only to be resurrected by Tsubasa and fight against Viscount Pygman until he escaped. He later participated in the final battle against Dr. Hell.


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