Doublas M2
Img character main 03 b
Kanji N/A
Kana ダブラスM2
Gender Female
Age (Preadolescent)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Nao Touyama
First Appearance Amazing! Robot Girls Z (Anime),

Amazing! Robot Girls Z (Manga)

Doublas M2 nicknamed Doublas-chan is along with Garada K7 one of the first Mechanical Beast Girls that Robot Girls Team Z encountered.


Doublas M2 has the appearance of a young child with long brown hair and purple eyes. Unlike most of the other Mechanical Beast Girls, her costume bears very little similarities featuring only green hand puppets with yellow horns and a hat with a similar design and a design resembling the panel on the original Doublas' abdomen on her pink dress.

As Doublas M2SS, she is dressed in a black and white maid outfit with green straps on her abdomen and pink bow near the top near the top of her dress and on her black shoes. She wears a wreath on her head with her hair tied back with the same wreaths decorating her sockpuppets.


Doublas has the speech and mannerisms of a shy little girl that gets scared when defeated badly. While capable of speaking in a regular fashion, Doublas prefers to speak through her hand puppets and becomes insecure without them.


Doublas is capable of shooting a weak beam from the mouths of her hand puppets that only cause a minor tickle sensation and could easily be cut apart by Gre-chan's Mazinger Blade. Also when she loses her puppets, Doublas is open to attacks.

Doublas receives an upgraded form in Golden Week known as Doublas M2SS where her abilities are heightened but retains her sock puppet weakness.


Doublas always appeared with Garada and Baron Ashura when confronting the Robot Girls but was always on the losing side and did not really get out in battle most of the time, preferring to not to be hit by an attack.


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