Dr. Gordon
MAZZ 045
Kanji ゴードン博士
Kana ゴードンはかせ
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot Modified Mazinger Z
Affiliation Himself
Family and Relations Mary (Wife),

Dr. Lisa (Daughter)

Voice Actor Kōhei Miyauchi
First Appearance Mazinger Z episode 18
Dr. Gordon is an American rocket scientist who appeared as a guest character in episode 18 of the Mazinger Z anime.


Dr. Gordon is a middle aged man of average height with aged white hair but bald on top, has deep purple eyes and thick eyebrows with a mustache. His clothes consist of standard work clothes including a lavender shirt, a magenta tie, and a brown jacket.


Dr. Gordon is a mild mannered man, willing to help his colleagues when needed. He expresses concerns for his daughter Dr. Lisa for her feelings of revenge.


As one of America's leading rocket scientists, Dr. Gordon has full authority over his laboratory and its projects. Along with his daughter, he managed to upgrade Mazinger Z with a useful propulsion system.


When the Mechanical Beast Glossam X2 began attacking America's harbors sinking ships. Dr. Gordon traveled to the Photon Power Laboratory by air to get help from Mazinger Z. However, during this time, his wife and daughter's ship was attacked, costing his wife's life in the process. But as the Glossam's aquatic combat abilities proved to be an issue, Dr. Gordon worked together with his daughter Lisa to give Z the ability to fight underwater while urging Lisa not to seek revenge on the Mechanical Beast as she was all Dr. Gordon had left. To this end, he convinced Lisa to help upgrade the Mazinger instead.

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