Dr. Hell
Kanji N/A
Kana Dr.ヘル
Gender Male
Age (Elderly)
Robot Numerous Mechanical Beasts including Hell King Gordon
Affiliation Himself
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Dr. Hell is the main antagonist of Mazinger Angels. Unlike other incarnations of Dr. Hell, this one had done most of the work in his plans for world domination himself with only his faceless subordinates assisting him from the shadows. Also Hell has a history with Tsuyoshi Nonaka rather than Juzo Kabuto (who appeared in the sequel series).


Dr. Hell has the same appearance as his original counterpart, with long gray hair and a beard, withered skin, and a large black cloak covering his body.


Much like the original Dr. Hell, he is cruel and megalomanical with a strong desire for world domination. To spread chaos among the world, he sends his Mechanical Beasts to several users such as Gorgon and Goemon Abashiri. He believes that his machines are superior to the robots of the Mazinger Angels.


While mad, Dr. Hell is a highly accomplished scientist able to create large powerful and functioning Mechanical Beasts. He is also well versed in history that is not generally known in the world, uncovering the Demon Tribe in the Himalayas and finding out about the Dragonsaurus. Dr. Hell is also a capable strategist, giving Mechanical Beasts to suitable pilots and strategically using the Dragonsaurus to distract the Mazinger Angels while he attacks Tokyo.


Dr. Hell was once part of an institute where he worked alongside Prof. Nonaka, but was expelled due to his madness. Several years afterward, he would construct the Mechanical Beasts and distribute them to several users. He is first seen as a silhouette watching the events of Gorgon's rampage unfold from the robot tiger he gave to him. Later he makes himself known to the Angels after they came back from their training. With his revelation, Hell accelerates his plans by having the Angels fight more dangerous enemies such as the Demon Tribe. When this failed to work, Hell set up beacons to lure the Dragonsaurus to the Tokyo bay. With the Angels distracted, Hell activated his moving fortress to attack Tokyo. To stall for time, the earlier Angels: Honey Kisaragi and Sakurako Hono pilot their robots until the others got back. With Venus A, Diana A, and Minerva X dealing the finishing blow to the Dragonsaurus; Sayaka Yumi and Aphrodite A deal the finishing blow to Dr. Hell, destroying his machine and Hell along with it.

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