Dr. Hell
Kanji Dr.ヘル
Kana ドクター・ヘル
Gender Male
Age (Elderly)
Robot Mechanical Beasts
Affiliation Underground Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor ANI
First Appearance Unknown
Dr. Hell is the main villain of Mazinger ZIP! and a member of the mysterious Underground Empire. While still megalomanical, he also shows a noticeably different side of him compared to other counterparts. For one thing, he shows more interest in women than world domination and even stopped his plans outright with his 8% tax increase due to the production of Mechanical Beasts.


Dr. Hell features the same design as his counterpart from the original manga having light blue skin and eyes with yellow scelera and black pupils. He wears a long black cape over a bodysuit.


Dr. Hell is a mad scientist bent on world domination, however he plans to do so through achieving recognition on television programs. When that doesn't work he resorts to using Mechanical Beasts. While always displeased with his lieutenant Baron Ashura coming empty handed and dealing cruel punishments, he collects the gag manga he/she makes based on these failures. He is an obsessive fan of gravure idols and bought a 2014 calendar depicting them in Akihabara. Dr. Hell also made a New Year's resolution to be in a relationship with Ono Nonaka or Miranda Kerr rather than world domination. His favorite TV show is Tetsuko no Heya and strives to be an in-person guest. He is also part of a joint-party commute often getting mail from his group. Dr. Hell appears to have a fear of being underwater, preferring to stay on Bardos rather than go in the Saluud.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Dr. Hell is a genius scientist able to make the cyborg Baron Ashura from two different bodies. He is armed with a microphone that he first used with Abdora U6 for echoing his karaoke voice that sounds horrible which causes anyone who listens to lose their focus or disorient them. He also writes parody songs based on his desires for world domination, but they are not very good and often emphasize his terrible singing.

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