Dr. Hell/Hell Gigantes
Kanji Dr.地獄/N/A
Kana Dr.ヘル/ヘル・ギガンテス
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Robot Himself
Affiliation Hades
Family and Relations Baron Ashura (Subordinates)
First Appearance Unknown
Dr. Hell is a major antagonist in Z Mazinger, appearing as Hell Gigantes after combining with a Mechanical Beast prior to the series and is even portrayed as a Mechanical God serving the god Hades as a spearhead for the Mechanical Gods battle to conquer Earth.


Dr. Hell was originally a regular human but after being recruited by Hades, he was modified into a cyborg and given an army of Mechanical Beasts.


While he appears younger than other interpretations of Dr. Hell, he still has his grey hair. His eyes are mechanical and goggle-like and are held in place by a mask he wears. Most of his body is mechanical, with a pipe sprouting from his back and attaching to his Hell Gigantes body.

Hell Gigantes is a gigantic humanoid robot with a horned head and a skull-like face. It has a bearded face on its chest and is adorned with a cape.


Dr. Hell is cruel and megalomaniacal, with the ambition of dominating the world. He has however shown some form of loyalty to Hades for giving him power.


Dr. Hell's strength is on par with the Z Mazinger, who is a remodeled Zeus. His skills in strategy are also good, but not usually successful against the Z Mazinger.


Dr. Hell first appeared at the Greek-like ruins in Japan where he attacked with a battalion of Mechanical Beasts. The body of Zeus piloted by Koji Kabuto appears and manages to ward off the Mechanical Beast. Dr. Hell is amused and says he'll return. Later when Baron Ashura reports Aphrodite is on Earth to Dr. Hell, he gives this information to Hades.

Dr. Hell appears again when Z Mazinger and Aphrodite A attack the Mechanical God base. He sends the Cerberus Mechanical Beast on them, but after one of the heads is destroyed; it attacks Hell Gigantes. As the Hell Gigantes is torn apart, Dr. Hell is finally killed in the explosion.

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