Dr. Lisa
Kanji リサ博士
Kana リサはかせ
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Upgraded Mazinger Z
Affiliation Dr. Gordon
Family and Relations Dr. Gordon (Father),

Unnamed Mother

Voice Actor Kazuko Sugiyama
First Appearance Mazinger Z episode 18
Dr. Lisa is a guest character in the eighteenth episode of the Mazinger Z anime. She is the daughter of Dr. Gordon and a scientist in her own right.


Before her mother's death, Lisa was kind and mild mannered. When her mother was killed in a Mechanical Beast attack, Lisa became very vengeful and wanted to do anything to destroy the Mechanical Beast responsible. It was only after her father showed Lisa how important he was to her that she returned to her old self.


Dr. Lisa is an accomplished scientist having designed a photonic energy booster to allow Mazinger Z to fight underwater.


Lisa was on a passenger boat with her mother for leisure time when it was attacked by Glossam X2. Lisa survived but her mother was killed. She began to research underwater warfare to destroy the Glossam until getting her chance when her father called in Mazinger Z. Outfitting the robot with photon rockets to propel it through water, Lisa had a heart-to-heart conversation with her father.

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