Kanji N/A
Kana デューク
Gender Male
Age N/A
Robot Himself
Affiliation N/A
Family and Relations Maria Fleed (Owner)
First Appearance Gorgon, the Bodyguard from Hell

Duke is Maria's pet dog and at first her only friend until she met Hikaru and the other Mazinger Angels. He was involved in an accident that almost killed him but was saved from death by the resources of the Angels.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Duke appears to be a dark colored Labrador Retriever with the standard coat and facial features. After the accident, his back side including his hind legs and tail were replaced with prosthesis. Duke like many Labradors is loyal to his owner Maria and like her was not usually trusting around others but took a liking to the robot dog Daisuke, Daisuke's owner Hikaru, as well as her friends.

History Edit

Maria met Duke at an unspecified time and they warmed up to each other as Duke acted as a guardian for Maria. At some point they met, Hikaru and Daisuke and got along. During a day in park, Duke played with Daisuke until he and Maria left. When a battle broke out between the Mazinger Angels and the Toros D7, Daisuke's lower body was crushed by rubble and was near death. After the battle, he was found by Hikaru and Daisuke and using some of the same systems as Daisuke, Duke was given a prosthetic underside to survive. Maria, who wanted revenge on the Angels for supposedly killing Duke was reunited with Duke. After Maria was given a helmet to properly control the experimental robot Minerva X, Duke encouraged Maria to help in the battle against King Doublas. Afterwards, Duke is only seen for short appearances.

Trivia Edit

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