Duke Fleed
Kanji N/A
Kana デューク・フリード
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Crimson Condor Jet
Affiliation FUJI
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Unknown
Duke Fleed is the captain of the main air force strike team Crimson Condor in the Global Human Army of the Mars settlement. Secretly, he is also an alien that came to Mars from his own ruined world.


An alien from another world, Duke came to Mars settlement after his home was destroyed. Hiding the fact that he is an alien with wings, he joined the air force of the settlement army and eventually became captain.


Duke resembles his original counterpart, with the only notable difference being a pair of bird wings protruding from his back and a crotch area covered in feathers (which he keeps hidden).


With the loss of his original homeworld, Duke dedicated his life to protecting the Mars settlement from threats, seeing it as his new home. He does not mingle with others often, as he tries to hide the fact he is an alien.


Duke is a highly accomplished pilot, effortlessly piloting a fighter jet in the lower gravity of Mars.

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