Emperor of Darkness
Emperor of Darkness
Kanji 闇の帝王
Kana N/A
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot None
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Great General of Darkness (Suborinate)
Voice Actor Hidekatsu Shibata
First Appearance Great Mazinger episode 21
The Emperor of Darkness (闇の帝王 Yami no Teiō) is the tyrannical deity of the Mycenae Empire. A giant flaming entity, he gives orders to his army led by the Great General of Darkness (later Great Marshall of Hell). He did not participate in the battle with Great Mazinger directly and was the only survivor of the final battle. His whereabouts and status after the final battle are currently unknown.


The Emperor was once the size of a regular human and invaded the original Mycenae Empire, turning the original inhabitants into Warrior Beasts or enslaving them to pilot their fortress. Eventually, the Emperor and his empire was forced underground.

Appearance Edit

The Emperor is a giant entity appearing to be composed of orange (sometimes blue) flames with a skeletal head with a body that shows pectorals.


The Emperor of Darkness is a cruel and maniacal tyrant who rules his empire with an iron fist. Desiring total domination of the surface, he has his army go across the globe to ensure his reign. He does not take failure, and most of his actions are taken through the Great General.


Great General of DarknessEdit

The Great General is arguably the closest person to the Emperor, being with him since the day of invading the original invasion. When the Great General was slain by the Great Mazinger, the emperor was more than disappointed that Great Marshall did not have the same qualities as the General.


The Emperor holds absolute authority over the Mycenae Empire. While most of the work was done by the Great General, the Emperor can get his hands dirty when he needs to. He is capable of speaking to his soldiers through a telepathic communication, usually to punish or intimidate them through the powerful psychic waves he emits. While he was never seen in battle, the Super Robot Wars games display the ability to release a stream of fire at opponents and send fireballs en masse at a wide area. He is also able to bring back the dead as he did with Dr. Hell.


As the Mycenae Empire rose up from their underground prison, the Emperor issued orders both by himself or by the Great General. The Emperor usually stayed on the sidelines, punishing those who disappointed him. With Great General's death, the Emperor replaced him with a revived Dr. Hell, now known as Great Marshall of Hell. When the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger teamed up to defeat the Empire, the Emperor retreated into hiding.


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