Fiery Guts! The Wild Angel!
Kanji 燃えるようなガッツ !野生の天使 !
Romaji name Moeru Yona Gyatsu! Yasai no Tenshi!
Volume 3
Chapter 15
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Training! Until Your Life Burns Out! Brocken, The Devil's Revenger

Fiery Guts! The Wild Angel! is the fifteenth chapter of Mazinger Angels.

Summary Edit

Sakurako takes the Angels on a running exercise but the weight of their suits slows them down a bit. At the dojo, Sakurako takes on the Angels in combat. Sayaka attempts to best her in speed, but Sakurako outmatches her. In the simulation room, Jun is tested by Honey to only use Venus A's Mazinger Blade but it does not go well. Maria is still struggling in her training, but Sakurako seems confident in her. Honey quickly overpowers Hikaru in combat training.

After the training, Maria is left exhausted. Maria, is surprised Jun can eat, to which Jun replies that they have to eat while they can and that she doesn't want to lose to someone. When Maria asks if Jun is talking about Sakurako, Sayaka and Hikaru avoid the question. In the hallway, Jun comes across Sakurako. Sakurako tells her that shes relieved to see that Jun is healthy, but Jun says she hasn't forgiven her yet.

Training got more intense, but the Angels showed progress although Maria didn't seem to be making any progress as she couldn't even move an arm. Sakurako shows up, telling Maria to focus on Minerva in order to synchronize with it. After relaxing her body, Maria was able to move Minerva into a position. Maria was surprised as Sakurako had already moved out in relief. After Jun comes out of the shower, she notices Maria is not present. Hikaru tells her she's doing personal training. When Jun remarks how serious she's gotten, Sayaka teases her for being more serious than anyone. Jun takes it as an insult and grapples Sayaka. In the dojo, Maria remarks that physical strength is not needed to pilot Minerva but willpower in order to draw out her psychic abilities more fluidly.

Somewhere in the Northwest of Arizona in an underground facility, Prof. Nonaka has overworked himself. When he comes to, the other scientists suggest letting them work on the rest of the project. But Nonaka remarks how the Angels are doing their hardest back in Japan. One of the scientists remarks his stubborness and has the other scientists take him to the infirmary. He the checks out the weapon he was developing which will increase the combat ability of the Angels.

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