The Final Battles were the last fight between the villains and their fortress and the protagonists and the mecha.

Mazinger Z (TV) Edit

Episode 91: The Photon Power Laboratory decides to end with Dr. Hell and his last lieutenant Count Brocken at Hell Castle, after sending Habiriyun V6 and Saiga O3 only to be destroyed, Dr. Hell and Count Brocken escaped in their fortress Gool and Hell Castle was sulf-destructed, afterward, Mazinger finished off the Gool by ramming it various times, killing Dr. Hell and Brocken.

Great Mazinger (TV) Edit

Tetsuya is jealous of Koji because he has a father and wants to show that an orphan can be like anyone else, taking advantage of this, the Great Marshall of Hell starts an all-out attack on the Science Fortress Laboratory while Vulcania attacks Great Mazinger and Great Mammoth deals with Mazinger and Venus at the Photon Power Laboratory, after Vulcania is destroyed, the blast leaves unconscious Tetsuya, then Demonika is going to crush him while it is helpless, the Great Booster saves the Great, but the Booster is destroyed, then Kenzo crashes the top of the Science Fortress Laboratory at the Demonika while Great Mammoth was being destroyed, afterward, the Mazingers and their female companions destroy the Demonika with their laser attacks.

Grendizer (TV) Edit

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