Florian Beet
Composition Space Alloy Gren
Power Source Photons
Pilot Maria 2
Florian Beet is an assist robot piloted by the android Maria 2 to serve as back up for the Grendizer.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Florian Beet resembles a gigantic version of Maria Flora but with dark colored schemed armor including a mainly red plating on the limbs and helmet, black interior armor, a light purple midsection, green eyes, and large cables for hair. It is an agile machine, able to swiftly maneuver around enemies. it can also uses the cable attached to its head as whips which are proven to be very strong, able to catch and hold a robot its own size like the Grendizer or effortlessly smash through enemy armor.

History Edit

Florian Beet was deployed from the Spazer by Maria when Ruke Fleed and Grendizer were in danger. Maria 2 activated to assist immediately, breaking Grendizer's fall and fight off reinforcements. When the battle was over, Florian Beet when into hiding until the next battle.

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