Composition Vegatron Alloy
Power Source Vegatron Radiation
Pilot Bushi
Dimensions 30 mt tall
Performance Mach 7
Notable moves Flight, mouth flames, sharp claws, buzzsaw

Furufuru is a Saucer Beast that served as the monster of the week for episode 16 of Grendizer.


Furufuru is a tortoise-like Saucer Beast with a round body, disproportional limbs with sharp claws. On the back is a red fin pointed upwards. It has a gaping mouth and a pointed nose.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Like several Saucer Beasts, Furufuru possesses a buzzsaw in its saucer mode. In its battle mode it fires a laser from its head and a flamethrower through its mouth. It uses its sharp claws for combat and is resistant to acid attacks.


Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Furufuru had the exact same fate as Gragra.

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