Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Shiro Kabuto (Temporarily)
GMFA1 is a robot created by Shinsuminichi Industry for promotional purposes. Compared to the company's other products, this robot resembles the Mazinger Z rather than the Great Mazinger.

Appearance Edit

GMFA1 is a humanoid robot with a mainly red and white color scheme. Compared to its source material, GMFA1 has a more blocky and unpronounced appearance. It has a red face with yellow eyes covered by gray eyelids with yellow block-like horns on the side of its head. On the chest are stylized hole decorations and braces near its hands.

Abilities Edit

GMFA1 was designed solely for promotion so it lacks any weaponry, but a capable pilot is able to move the robot for combat.

History Edit

When a battle with Warrior Beasts was short in manpower, Shiro stole the GMFA1 to fight and create a distraction for the other robots to fight back.

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