Machine dtl garada
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Kiba Army
GRK-7 is a mass produced unit used by the Kiba Army alongside the DBM-2. It's name and appearance is based on the Garada K7.


GRK-7 resembles its namesake including its purple coloring and the scythe-like extensions on its head. It features five red lense eyes on its head with a larger one in the center. Black, multi-barreled rifles are visible on the shoulders that can also be used as sidearms. The non-armored pieces of their bodies are colored a pale green.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The GRK-7 units are able to detach the scythe-like portrusions on their heads and use them as melee weapons. They are also armed with assault rifles in their shoulders for ranged battle.


The GRK-7 units are used by the Kiba Army in all of their battles, even after their leader is defeated and presumed dead along with the DBM-2 units.

Gallery Edit

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