Gaia Q5
Kanji N/A
Kana ガイアQ5
Gender Female
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Momoko Matsui
First Appearance Fear! Circumstances of the Underground Empire (Anime),

Powerful? Magnetic Girl's Appearance! (Manga)

Gaia Q5 is a Mechanical Beast Girl developed by Dr. Hell after the defeat of Gromazen R9.


Compared to her original counterpart, Gaia has a significantly different appearance with her costume mainly colored brown instead of gray, small yellow horns on her helmet that match the horns on her glasses and spikes on her shoulders. She has short purple and yellow eyes.


Gaia has the mannerisms of an overly detailed nerd when speaking about her magnetic abilities. She is able to make a comeback after a misunderstanding but gets down on herself rather easily after her own abilities turn on her.


Gaia possesses powerful magnetic abilities that allows her to attract magnetic objects from a long distance. However, she is only able to attract objects and when the objects piled up on her, it remains stuck on her as a ball of compressed metal.


Anime Edit

Gaia appeared after Gromazen was defeated where she gave a long lecture of her magnetic abilities. Garada K7 misunderstood what she meant by magnetic and struck a cutesy pose. Gaia just laughed it off and went to fight Gre-chan. Gre-chan easily overpowered her with her Great Typhoon which made Gaia grasp a pole and blew off her skirt exposing her panties which caused her to let go of the pole and made her crash into a market. Gaia tried to fight using her super magnetic powers but the many objects piled up on her and crushed Gaia into a ball. Gaia became depressed and moved around until she crashed and Baron Ashura gave her and the other Mechanical Beast Girls a pep talk.

Manga Edit

Taking place some time after her defeat, Gaia Q5 was sent by Dr. Hell with the appearance of Robot Girls Team T and G. She attempt to use her magnetic powers but it causes vehicles to pile on top of her. Get-chan was upset that her car was wrecked and blasted Gaia with a Getter Beam after getting her out of the debris.


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