Composition Vegatron alloy
Power Source Vegatron radiation
Pilot Vegan soldiers
Gamegame is a Saucer Beast that serves as the monster of the week for episode 2 of Grendizer.


Gamegame is a large Saucer Beast with a color scheme of grey, pink, and green. Its limbs are black. Its body is the shape of a large dish, he has a horned helmet on his head, and his yellow compound eyes show its pilots behind them at times.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Gamegame like most Saucer Beasts is able to fly, usually in its saucer mode which can use a buzzsaw while in flight. In its full form, Gamegame can shoot an orange heat ray from its mouth and can shoot purple lightning bolts from the 360 angle horns on its helmet.



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