Gamia Q
Images (2)
Kanji N/A
Kana ガミアQ
Gender Female
Age Designed to be Adolescent to young adult
Robot Themselves
Affiliation Dr. Hell's Army,

Baron Ashura

Family and Relations Baron Ashura ('Parent')
First Appearance Unknown

The Gamia Q are androids that serve Baron Ashura in the original manga, whom it calls its 'daughters'. Apart from their attractive appearance, they are deadly assassins that serve Ashura's will. They are usually in a group of three composed of Gamia Q1, Q2, and Q3.



Gamia Q3 in her second appearance.

The Gamia Q appear as identical young women having the same blonde hair in pigtail-like fashions and blue eyes. They all have the same outfit, purple sleeveless tops with yellow skirts, white belts, and boots. In Gamia Q3's reappearance, she has no clothing at all with the exception of a long black cape and black shoes.


The Gamia Q are highly agile, strong, and sturdy with advanced skills in martial arts. Their metal hair is also used as cutting weapons that can cut through almost anything, even a Super Alloy Z suit. They have limited speech, only speaking when identifying targets. Baron Ashura is able to speak through the Gamia sisters through a radio implanted into them. They are able to operate out of Ashura's controls, and formulate plans of attack, one example being Q3 using her nude body to distract Koji to attack him and knock his photon gun out of his hand. They are however, able to be destroyed by certain humans using various grappling techniques.


The Gamia Q appeared at Koji Kabuto's school asking a student for him. When Koji came with Boss tailing, the sisters attacked, driving Koji into a corner. Baron Ashura contacts Koji through the Gamia Q's radio taunting him that Mechanical Beasts are on a rampage and that KingDan X10 defeated Aphrodite A and is the process of capturing Sayaka Yumi. Koji and Boss fight the Gamia sisters with Boss getting his clothes shredded. Koji throws one of the Gamia at the other two where it gets cut up. Koji's brother Shiro arrives in the Hover Pilder to tell him the situation while managing to destroy another Gamia Q. Gamia Q3 escaped after receiving orders from Baron Ashura.

When Koji was captured and brought aboard the Saluud with the Mazinger Z; he, Boss, and Sayaka fight to escape. When they find the Pilder, Gamia Q3 is guarding it. While Koji held his photon gun at point, the android revealed its nude body, distracting him long enough to slap the weapon out of his hands and began its merciless attacks on him. With help from Sayaka and Boss to retrieve the Photon Gun, Koji manages to destroy Q3's pigtails before using his weapon to split the android in half and gets into the Hover Pilder to get to the Mazinger Z.


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