Gamia Q
Gamia Q1, Q2, and Q3
Kanji N/A
Kana ガミアQ
Gender Female
Age (Ageless)
Robot Themselves
Affiliation Baron Ashura
Family and Relations Baron Ashura (Commander/Parent)
Voice Actor Ryoka Yuzuki
First Appearance Koji Assassination Order

The Gamia Q are a group of androids that work under Baron Ashura in Mazinkaiser to assassinate Koji Kabuto. Unlike the original Mazinger Z manga, they are capable of speech without Ashura's assistance.


The Gamia Q are similar to their original counterparts in that they appear as attractive women with long blonde hair in twintails and blue eyes that light up when given an order. Their outfits consist of a sleeveless red top, dark red boots, and a light violet skirt and belt.


As the Gamia Q are androids built for killing, they lack base emotions only doing as they are instructed by Ashura. They tend to make the katakana of their name through their body language when introducing themselves.


The Gamia Q are highly quick, agile, and skilled in martial arts; able to to catch up to a speeding motorcycle and stand on the backside of which without losing balance. Their metal hair is able to cut through virtually any material from wood to metal vehicles, the Gamia can also control their hair and cut with high precision and accuracy able to effortlessly cut off Boss's clothes.


The Gamia Q first appeared on a street looking for Koji who jumped over them on his motorcycle before going off. As Boss is coming up he notices them and ends up falling off his motorcycle and down a hill. Coming back up, he is infatuated by their voluptuous as they proceed to ask if he is Koji. When Boss replies that he is, they attack and almost kill him by making him fall off a cliff.

As the real Koji came out of the Photon Power Laboratory, Ashura sent the Gamia Q after him. As they catch up to Koji, he fights them off and manages to destroy one by throwing her towards her sisters who proceed to viciously cut her up. As the Kaiser Pilder arrives, it cuts the second sister in half with its wing. Koji then got into the Pilder and shot a laser than took out the last sister's pigtails before splitting her in half with the laser. Baron Ashura was enraged that all of it's daughters were killed and swore vengeance on Koji.

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