Gamia Q
Mazin 21s
Kanji N/A
Kana ガミアQ
Gender Female
Age (Ageless)
Robot Themselves
Affiliation Dr. Hell
Family and Relations Kenzo Kabuto (Creator),

Baron Ashura (Commander/'Parent')

Voice Actor Satsuki Yukino
First Appearance Activate! Japan Raid Operation!
The Gamia Q are five female android assassins that were created by Kenzo Kabuto and serve under Baron Ashura. Among them, Gamia Q3 becomes a supporting character after the other four were destroyed.


Img chara 04 06
The Gamia Q resemble tall young attractive women with blonde hair worn in pigtails and have blue eyes. Their outfits consist of a red sleeveless sweater, with white skirts, belts, and boots. Later they dress up in black cloaks with nothing underneath. Without their clothing, they are shown to have mechanical joints.


The Gamia Q at first glance appear to be little more than robots that move according to instructions. The Gamia Q3 however, shows some degree of sentience, suggesting that the others may potentially have this as well.


The Gamia Q are robots built to kill and assassinate their targets, they are given great speed, agility, balance, reflexes, and are highly skilled in martial arts. Their metal hair can be used as cutting weapons at close range or at a mid-range distance and cut through virtually anything, the only exception being a prison powered by Photonic Energy.


The Gamia Q1-Q3 appear at the Kurogane House to assassinate Koji Kabuto under Baron Ashura's orders. Attacking the staff, they are held off by the Kurogane 5 as Koji escapes. They are eventually defeated with Q1 and Q2 destroyed. Gamia Q3 is brought to the Photon Power Laboratory for analysis with Tsubasa Nishikiori and the scientists agreeing that the Gamia Q were made by Kenzo.

As Koji is taken prisoner aboard the Saluud, Boss and his gang help him escape and free Sayaka Yumi, the other Gamia Q try to stop them. While Gamia Q4 is handled by Boss and co. Koji and Sayaka battle Gamia Q5, managing to destroy her with a blast from Koji's Photon Blaster. Afterwards, Gamia Q3 is the only one amongst the group still functioning after she was repaired.

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