Garada K7
Composition Organic components and Metal
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Itself
Garada K7 is the first Bio-Beast encountered in MazinSaga.


Garada K7 appears as a more grotesque version of its original counterpart appearing as a humanoid warrior with glaring eyes, a skull-like face with a pair of extra skulls decorating its neck and a skull-like torso. The body has an overall skeletal-like appearance, exposed muscles on the arms legs, a bony tale, and large scythes are attached to the sides of its head.

It appearance in the video game has a few differences compared to the original. The Garada has a brass colored body with red decorations. It has longer shoulders, smaller scythes, less pronounced calves, a smaller face on its torso, and less protruding bones.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Garada K7 uses with a ferocious fighting style, utilizing the scythes on its head as weapons for close combat or as projectile boomerangs. It can also shoot beams from its eyes.


Garada K7 is seen fighting against Aphrodite A and dominating its opponent. It was not until the arrival of Z, that there was a turnaround with the Mazinger easily destroying the Bio-Beast.


The Kanji that compose its name mean Hungry (餓) Net (羅) Snake (蛇).


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