General Angoras
042 Lord Angoras
Kanji 魔魚将軍アンゴラス
Kana N/A
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself and Aquatic Warrior Beasts
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Aquatic Warrior Beasts (subordinates)
Voice Actor Kōji Yada
First Appearance Unknown
Aquatic General Angoras (魔魚将軍アンゴラス Gyorui Shougun Angorasu) is the leader of the Mycenae Empire's Aquatic Warrior Beasts.


Angoras resembles a giant humanoid angler fish with his true face on the tip of his antenna.


Angoras is the most ruthless of the Mycenae generals willing to sacrifice his own Warrior Beasts to destroy the Great Mazinger. While afraid of the Great General of Darkness, he does mind going against orders in order to destroy the Great. When charged with failure, Angoras tries to put the blame on his Warrior Beasts or even some of the other generals if they were involved.


In battle Angoras uses bodies of water to his advantage, often has his Warrior Beasts strike from below for sneak attacks. He is also capable of using the large fin on his head to create tsunamis.


Angoras was sent out into battle by the Great General in order to put the Great Mazinger into a disadvantage, unfortunately for Angoras all attempts failed which gave him a harsh time with the Great General. In the final battle, he and General Ligern face off against Mazinger Z but when trying to retreat he is shot by a Koshiryoku Beam and died from the blow.


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