General Birdler
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Himself

General Birdler is in charge of the Aerial Army of the Mycenae Empire, who takes pleasure in torturing his opponents. He appears in Mazinkaiser vs. Great General of Darkness.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

General Birdler's appearance is that of a giant avian bird-like robot. His true face is on the torso with white, black, & red paint. His wings are razor sharp so they can cut through anything. His top head can release Hyper-Sonic Waves, disorienting opponents or causing them to break down. He can also summon tornados by flapping his wings.


Birdler was the first general to try and stop Koji Kabuto from reaching the Mazinkaiser. He appeared commanding the Mikelos, trying to destroy the plane Koji was on. He killed Lori and Loru by crushing them. However, he died when the Million α crashed into the Mikelos, killing all nearby Warrior Beasts.


  • He one of the three generels that appeared in the Super Robot Taisen games J & W.

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