General Birdler
General bird 32
Kanji 怪鳥将軍バーダラー
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself and various Warrior Beasts
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Aerial Warrior Beasts (subordinates)
Voice Actor Shunji Yamada (1-32)
Kenichi Ogata (33-36, 47)
First Appearance Great Mazinger (TV): Ep 1
General Birdler (怪鳥将軍バーダラー Kai tori shōgun bādarā) is the leader of the Mycenae Empire's Aerial Warrior Beast army.


Birdler resembles a humanoid demonic griffin with two large wings on his back and lightweight armor. His head features a gray lined front of the neck, a light brown back, a beak full of sharp teeth, yellow eyes with a brown liner, and wild white hair. His true face is on his chest that is mainly colored white, a black triangular line going down from its top, black eye lining, yellow eyes, a brown mouth area, sharp teeth, and a green mane.

His armor consists of brown padded sleeves, leg braces, an orange main area, and a black belt with a white bird buckle. Adorning his shoulders is dark purple padding that hold his light purple wings. His feet consists of pointed shoes.


Birdler is bullish and overconfident with his abilities, believing himself to be superior to his opponents in the air. He is willing to go out and fight the Great Mazinger without permission from his superiors but is still nonetheless fearful of the Great General of Darkness.


Besides his command over his Warrior Beasts, Birdler can move at lightning fast speeds and has an equal amount of maneuverability making a dangerous opponent in close combat. While not usually seen, Birdler is capable of launching ultrasonic waves from his mouth and can create shockwaves and tornados from his wings.


Birdler would set out to fight the Great Mazinger with his troops and at times grappled with the robot himself. In the final battle, he appears when the Great Marshall of Hell plans the final battle, he does not appear after that, he is presumed dead.


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