General Draydou
Ova general reptile b
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Himself

General Draydou is one of the seven Mycenae Empire Generals to attack the world.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

Draydou's robot body resembles a green humanoid oriental dragon with red clothing. His true face on his torso has red skin with a mustache and beard facial features. The robotic body is very durable and can breathe fire for long distances from the dragon head.


Draydou makes his appearance by defeating Masao Oide in the Daion γ near the great wall of China. Afterwards he regroups with the remaining army and generals at the Photon Power Laboratory to stop Koji Kabuto from getting to Mazinkaiser. However, they failed, as not only did Koji managed to get the Kaiser Pilder into the Mazinkaiser, but proceeds to destroy all of the Mycenae forces. When General Draydou tries to escape, he was smashed by the descending Demonika, killing him.

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