General Juuma
Jumashogun mv
Kanji 獣魔将軍
Kana じゅうましょうぐん
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself and various Warrior Beasts
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Great General of Darkness (Leader)
Warrior Beasts (subordinates)
Voice Actor Kenji Utsumi
First Appearance Mazinger Z vs Great General of Darkness

General Juuma is Mycenae Empire general who exclusively appeared in Mazinger Z vs Great General of Darkness, as the leader for all of the Warrior Beasts armies.


General Juuma is a large grotesque creature with a body that represents all seven of the Warrior Beast armies. On his head is a blue skinned-humanoid face (Superhuman) that sports a goatee as well as a lion like mane with red eyes on the forehead and cat-like ears that appear on the top of his head (Beast). His mechanical torso sports orange shoulders, a metallic front, black arms, a metal left hand, a grasshopper-like face on his abdomen (Insect), and a ghoul-like face for a right hand (Spectral). His lower body is centaur-like featuring long purple legs, a black body, a pair of gigantic red wings that extend from the sides (Avian), a crocodile-like face on the front (Reptile), and a tail that sports a fish on the end (Aquatic).


Juuma shows absolute loyalty to the Great General of Darkness, striking down any enemy of the Empire in his name. He is a ruthless general willing to destroy anyone who gets in his way all the while mocking their futile efforts.


As leader of the Warrior Beasts Juuma has complete control over the entire army, selecting personal favorites to go into battle with him. He is able to release large flames from the reptilian mouth. He is armed with an ax and possesses immense strength, able to smash the Iron Cutter blades easily.


As some of the Warrior Beasts were destroyed, Juuma was personally sent out by the Great General to fight against the Mazinger Z. Taking seven Warrior Beasts with him, Juuma challenged the Mazinger to battle. The Mazinger managed to destroy some of the Beasts but was eventually overwhelmed with Juuma mocking the Mazinger's efforts until receiving help from the Great Mazinger. Together the Mazingers destroyed the remaining Warrior Beasts with a combined Breast Fire attack. With Juuma shocked at how things had turned out, he is impaled by the Great's Mazinger Blade held by Mazinger Z.

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