General Scarabeth
Kanji 大昆虫将軍スカラベス
Kana N/A
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself and Insect Warrior Beasts
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations Insect Warrior Beasts (subordinates)
Voice Actor Jōji Yanami,

Shuji Yamada (uncredited)

First Appearance Unknown
Giant Insect General Scarabeth (大昆虫将軍スカラベス Dai Konchuu Shougun Sukarabesu) is the leader of Mycenae Empire's Insect Warrior Beasts.


Scarabeth resembles a giant rhinoceros beetle with his true face located on his chest.


Scarabeth is the most collaborative of the seven Mycenae Generals willing to work together with the other generals and their Warrior Beasts, even amongst the more undesirable members. He is also the most cool headed amongst the other generals even in failure. Scarabeth also accepts the responsibilities of failures and takes his punishment without question. His loyalty to the Empire never makes him question its choices and even stuck to the side of Great Marshall of Hell.


Scarabeth is a strategist and manages to complete missions with less manpower and resources thought possible. He uses a sword in battle.


Scarabeth went out on orders of the Great General of Darkness to fight the Great Mazinger, despite his strategies he failed to defeat the mecha. After the Great General was killed in battle; Scarabeth offered his services to his new leader, Great Marshall of Hell. In the final battle, Scarabeth stayed by Hell's side and presumed dead when the Demonika was attacked and destroyed by the Mazingers and their female companions


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