Gennosuke Yumi
Kanji 弓弦之助
Kana ゆみ げんのすけ
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot Made Z Mazinger
Affiliation HSF
Family and Relations Sayaka Yumi (daughter),

Shiro Yumi (son)

First Appearance Z Mazinger chapter 1
Dr. Gennosuke Yumi is Sayaka's father and nobel prize winner operating on an artificial island he helped make. He is also the one who remade the body of Zeus into the Z Mazinger.


Dr. Yumi largely resembles his original counterpart, but does not wear glasses.


Dr. Yumi is a good man at heart, he loves his daughter and son. He also has his mind focused on his research and the mysteries behind the Olympians.


Dr. Yumi is an accomplished scientist helping build an artificial and functioning island and reforming the bodies of Zeus and Aphrodite into the Z Mazinger and Aphrodite A.


Dr. Yumi was studying mysterious Greek-like ruins and gets a visit from his daughter Sayaka and her childhood friend, Koji Kabuto. Suddenly an earthquake occured and Koji fell into the ruins. Dr. Yumi comforted his crying daughter thinking Koji was dead. Then Mechanical Beasts lead by Dr. Hell appeared. Koji burst out of the ground with the body of the Olympian warrior Zeus. After fending off Hell, HSF approaches Koji, Sayaka, and Dr. Yumi about Dr. Hell. Agreeing to help HSF, Dr. Yumi uses Zeus's body to make a giant robot for Koji to fight in, Z Mazinger.

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