Gigantes D-10
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Unknown
Gigantes D-10 is a mecha used by a henchman of Faust to attack WSO along with Kurora DL-7.


Gigantes is a massive robot partly based on Kaim from Devilman. It features a demonic face on its chest, armed with six guns on the sides of its main body, and a hovering platform that is uses to move around.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Gigantes is not very nimble or fast and usually fights from a distance using a massive load of explosive warheads that lock on to a target.


As the Kurora DL-7 approached WSO and encountered Mazinkaiser SKL, Gigantes provided backup for its colleague by launching missiles at the Kaiser. This put the Kaiser at a disadvantage until Ryo Magami took the controls and took out some of the missiles before giving command back to Ken Kaido who used the missiles as platforms to attack Kurora before using the Tornado Crusher Punch to finish it off. It didn't stop with just Kurora though, it blasted through the Gigantes destroying it. The robot's pilots survived and vowed to return.

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