Kanji 魚類型戦闘獣・ギライ
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations General Angoras (Commander)
First Appearance Great Mazinger episode 11

Girai is an aquatic Warrior Beast that served as the monster of the week in episode 11 of the Great Mazinger anime.

Appearance Edit

Girai resembles a long fish with a large green body, a light green underbelly, large black lips, yellow eyes with black outlines, a pair of horns on its head, yellow arms, and a fin with sharp spines on the back.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Girai is a completely aquatic Warrior Beast that can move at impressive speeds and charge at opponents with its horns. To restrict movement, it releases a sticky foam from its mouth.

History Edit

Tired of all six general´s failures, the Great General sent Angoras to send Girai, then secretly some Mycenaes planted time bombs under the Lab while Girai was busy with Great Mazinger and escaped, then a improved Girai attacked the Science Lab while Great was busy with the Mikelos. The Great throws a Drill Pressure Punch toward Girai. The Warrior Beast swallows the punch, but the attacks tears apart his inner circuits, causing him to explode.


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