Composition Vegatron
Power Source Vegatron Radiation
Pilot AI
Dimensions 30 mt tall
Performance Mach 7
Notable moves flight, mouth beam, magnetic field, 5-tube missile launcher, electricity, tractor beam

Girogiro was a reptile-based Saucer Beast that appeared in episode 22 of the Grendizer anime.

Appearance Edit

Girogiro's main body is a dark green with lighter shades on the torso with red colored highlights. He has skinny gray legs and arms, a pink head with an orange top, spikes and a magnetic device on the head.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Girogiro can fly and using a stolen magnetic field device, he can emit powerful magnetic forces that ensnare enemies. For weapons, Girogiro fires an orange beam from the mouth and has a hidden 5-tube missile launcher in the torso. In Saucer Form he can fire electricity and has a tractor beam in the underside.

History Edit

After kidnapping a scientist and stealing the magnetic device, Girogiro attacked a snow festival. Grendizer and the TFO arrived shortly after. After revealing the scientist in Girogiro's head, Grendizer cut the head off and destroyed the body.

Gallery Edit

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