Kanji 人間型戦闘獣・ギロニアン
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Ageless)
Robot Himself
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations General Julicaesar
First Appearance Great Mazinger episode 13

Gironian is a superhuman Warrior Beast that appeared in episode 13 of the Great Mazinger anime along with Peacong.

Appearance Edit

Gironian is a humanoid Warrior Beast with a crescent shaped headdress that has a pair of brown circular pieces on the ear area, visible red lips, and a vent on the neck area. Its armor features sharp red shoulder pads. A chain is attached to its waist for the scythe it wields and its true face is located below the abdomen.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Gironian is armed with a scythe that is attached to a chain on his waist that is used for close and mid-range combat. It is armed with a scutum for defense and is able to shoot an adhesive substance from its mouth.

History Edit

Great General of Darkness launched Peacong to the city, then when Great Mazinger had a little trouble with him, Gironian appeared and trapped Great with his adhesive substance, then Peacong was defeated by Venus A while Great Mazinger fought Gironian with his sword and he made Gironian fall, giving him time to destroy him with Drill Pressure Punch and Breast Fire.


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