Glossam X2
Kanji N/A
Kana グロッサムX2
Gender Female
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Kanako Miyamoto
First Appearance Impact! Great Oversea Battle at Numazu
Glossam X2 is an aquatic Mechanical Beast Girl who took a leading role in an attack on Robot Girls Team Z in the third episode.


Glossam X2 is a teenaged girl of average height with ginger hair in a pair of bangs and green eyes. She wears a costume based on her namesake including the scissors on top of her head.


Glossam has a snobbish attitude with a short-temper and verbally abuses others whether ally or enemy, calling Baron Ashura 'granny' for example.


Glossam is capable of swimming at high speeds while utilizing her scissors to fight enemies underwater.


Glossam X2 appeared after Poses OII and Balanger M2 came out of their disguises and a sailor reeled in the Bood submarine with Glossam on board. While announcing their plan, she got into a squabble with Ashura over who would announce it before going into battle by knocking the Robot Girls into the water and fighting them alongside Balanger (Poses was stuck on a hook and unnoticed by everyone). Using her swift swimming speed, Glossam cut through the girl's attire revealing their swimsuits while Balanger groped Grenda-san. When Glossam moved in to cut off their suits, she and Balanger were caught in a fishing net that restrained their movements. With the Mechanical Beast Girls restrained, the Robot Girls punched them all the way back to the Bood which caused it to stop moving before it exploded and the Mechanical Beast Girls were left to use a rowboat to get back home.


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