God Kaiser Hell
Kanji 神皇帝・地獄
Kana ゴッドカイザー・ヘル
Gender Male
Age (Elderly)
Robot Numerous Bio-Beasts
Affiliation Himself
Family and Relations Akira Fudo (Grandson)
First Appearance Unknown
God Kaiser Hell is a major antagonist from MazinSaga. Somehow finding the gates of Hell on Mars, he gained his title by getting creatures for his army and making them into Bio-Beasts. He is the MazinSaga equivalent of Dr. Hell.


Young Dr. Hell Mazinsaga

Kaiser Hell as a human.

Hell was originally a human man who was around on the planet before the human settlement by FUJI. He stumbled upon the gate to Hell itself and awakened the demons within, transforming him in the process. Allying with four associates, Hell began to build his Bio-Beast army. By the time the Earth humans began to immigrate to Mars, Hell and his lieutenants would hide in secret and plot to conquer them. At some point in his life, he had a family which then gave birth to his grandson, Akira Fudo.

Appearance Edit

Hell has a humanoid appearance with a horn sticking out of the top of his head, pointy ears and darkened skin. He has long white hair that flows down the back of his head, has a long mustache and a beard. His clothing consists of a long cloth the covers most of his body with a little padding.

In his original human form, Hell originally had black hair and shorter facial hair. He retained his usual facial features including the wrinkles and thin eyebrows along with regular human ears. He was dressed in an armored gown for reasons, possibly to show his superiority.


God Kaiser Hell, is everything he original counterpart is; megalomanical, cruel, and unforgiving of failure. Refusing to let anyone disrupt his plans, Hell does everything in his power to prevent threats from interfering.


Hell is a highly accomplished scientist, using biotechnology to build an army that is able to fight highly effectively on Mars. He is also able to reverse engineer Super Spiritual Material Z into a new form called Material of Hell X to create Devilman X.


Hell launched his Bio-Beasts to attack the Mars colonies and establish his rule. However, Koji Kabuto and Z stopped the attack. Taking an interest in this new development, Hell has his lieutenants look into Z until he has them turned into the Great General of Darkness for most of their failures. With the research on Z found, Hell creates his own version of the armor called Devilman X for his grandson Akira.