God Mazinger
Composition Enhanced Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Reactor
Pilot Koji Kabuto
Notable moves Rocket Punch, Breast Fire, Mazinger Blade
God Mazinger is an upgraded form of Mazinger Z in the Super Robot Wars novel. It was designed by Kenzo Kabuto to counter the prototype Mazinger Z (which had become the Devil Mazinger) should it ever be released.


God Mazinger resembles Mazinkaiser but with a slightly different design such as the Pilder having a more flame-like shape and heat sinks are more similar to the original Mazinger than the Kaiser.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

God Mazinger possesses all of the equipment and abilities as its earlier models. It is able to perform the Rocket Punch and Breast Fire attacks. But its main power is the ability to negate the Devil Mazinger's negative energy amplification through a special frequency it emits. It is armed with a large sword for combat.

God CondorEdit

The God Condor is a Pilder used as the control center for God Mazinger. It is very aerodynamic and armed with weapons.



God Mazinger battling the Devil Mazinger.

While Koji and Sayaka were in the future Professor Yumi and the other scientists found the lost blueprints for the God Mazinger after the Devil Mazinger is awakened. With this, Prof. Yumi and Dr. Lionel upgrade the Mazinger Z into a stronger form. When Koji and the others arrive, Prof. Yumi gives the robot to Koji so that he can fight the Devil Mazinger. But even with its energy amplification stopped, the Devil Mazinger still put up a great fight that put both robots in a standstill. But God Mazinger managed to slay its counterpart after making an opening. With this new robot, Koji is confident he can fight any threat.


  • Unlike other robots Koji pilots, Koji does not call out its attack names.

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